Monday, March 2, 2009

The Great Egg Experience

So I hadn't added a new food in for soooooo long and I had the hardest time trying to decide what would be next. Finally I decided that a pure protein source would be best for my body as I had no pure proteins. So eggs it was...and the first 7-8 days went great! I was so excited, being able to eat eggs was amazing; both for my attitude and for my physical health on such a restricted diet.

Something just began to be off with Noah. He wasn't napping as long, became pretty restless at night and just wasn't right. Then around day/night 9-10 he began waking from a deep sleep at night, in our arms, screaming. Just SCREAMING and inconsolible. It was horrible! We literally had to jump out of bed and bounce him to sleep he was so upset. One night my hubby had him out on the couch while I was getting a break in bed, and he pooped in the middle of the night. Very unusual, he barely did that as a newborn. My hubby came in to get a diaper and wipes, and then was back in the bedroom 5 minutes later, flipped the lamp on and was shoving a poopy diaper in my face! It just looked weird, and our hearts sank. I told him to scrape some into a baggie and we'd take it to the doctors in the morning.

Our doctor called the next morning, and sure enough. Blood, full of it. And Noah had begun to spit up reddish brown streaks of mucous in his spit-up that morning. I mentioned that to the doc and she commented that his stomach was probably bleeding as well as his intestines. I felt so sick to my stomach that something I had eaten had done this....and that we had 10+ days of eggs to get out of Noah's system. It was such a discouraging day....I cried off and on the whole day. Its a feeling like none other to be doing all that you possibly can for your baby and be inadvertantly causing them pain and agony. It was so hard emotionally!

I've been off of the egg for 7 days now and Noah seems better. We had begun to try transitioning my hubby back into the bedroom since he's been on the couch for 6 months, but that has been placed on hold. Noah needs to be "normal" first! We also are putting his solids on hold for now until his tummy heals a bit more. I'm hoping by next weekend, the kiddo is so ready for food!!! He watches us with this completly absorbed concentration while we eat; those eyes never leave our food! It's hilarious! What a little trooper I have. I just adore him so much and can't wait for his little body to heal more. I know it has to get better soon! I'm just so relieved I can eat wheat/bread. That has been the biggest blessing ever, I would have ended this diet weeks ago as it's just too hard with all the other foods I am avoiding to also avoid bread. Thank you LORD for allowing the bread. I fevently prayed for bread and my prayers were answered!


  1. I'm a fellow mommy who is eliminating MANY foods from my diet. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these delicious recipes! I am going to try them ALL. I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry about your little man's reaction to eggs. What a scary and sad reaction! My youngest is exactly your son's age. Sending this comment with lots of support and pride (good for you on doing what's best for your baby!)...

  2. I hope Noah is doing better. Prayers continuing. We must get together soon!!! :o)