Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventures In Coconut Milk

I have been experimenting with coconut milk trying to make some yummy, dairy free desserts. I was buying several different brands of milk, and therefore was getting drastically different results each time. I'm just guessing which "recipe" is for each of the following pictures, but some of the results were good so I figured I would share.

This first turned out like a coconut curd/pudding type mixture. It was really tasty, thick and creamy. I believe it was 1/2 a can of coconut milk with a cup or so of granulated sugar. It just reached this point where it got thick and creamy instead of syrupy.

The next was a coconut caramel that I then beat with an electric mixer and some powdered sugar. This was a full can of coconut milk and several cups of sugar. It turned out sooooo sweet it wasn't very good.

Lastly my husband made me a coconut cake. Just a recipe we found online that we made MSPI/TED safe. I used the coconut curd in the middle and glazed with the caramel sauce. It was good but way too super sweet! It did lead me to make the coconut candy, so it wasn't a complete failure!

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