Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lettuce Veggie Wrap

Early TED

Oh how I miss bread; tortilla shells, hamburger buns, toast, sandwiches, biscuits. Have you ever noticed how fragrant the smell of warm or toasted bread is? Wow! My hubby was making lunch for him and our daughter and the tortilla shell warming in the skillet was so aromatic my mouth was watering. As I contemplated what I could possibly make for lunch that would even be just remotely satisfying, I remembered that I had purchased a head of iceburg lettuce to make a wrap style bread free sandwich.

I filled my wrap with a rice carrot sunshine burger that I had in the freezer, avocado, grape tomatoes, cucumber, pickle, mustard, ketchup and some Annie's Green Garlic MSPI safe dressing with some crinkle cut TED safe potato chips on the side. It was surprisingly easy to roll into a manageable wrap and oh so delicious to eat. Crunchy and filling and so flavorful. Feeling satisfied and content after a meal on the TED doesn't always happen, so this was a fully enjoyable eating experience! This is something I look forward to having again and again. For my carnivore friends, this would be awesome with either a ground meat or turkey or chicken slices. It's really that big piece of lettuce that is the star!

Oh a side note, hubby had purchased some Vanilla Rice Dream for me yesterday. I thought a vanilla peach shake sounded good for a sweet ending to my meal. Just for the record, a frozen banana and can of lite peaches with juice makes for a shake that is TEN times better and creamier than the rice dream and peaches! And the frozen banana makes for a thicker shake as well. Not to mention being lower in calories and sugar and much cheaper! I always am glad to find easier, less expensive ways to make my food more enjoyable :-)

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