Monday, December 22, 2008

Mochi - Bake & Serve Rice Squares

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I have discovered a new product from HyVee that is very intriguing, and wasn't too bad either! Ok, it was pretty good, I gobbled them up! It is called Mochi (pronounced Mo-Chee) and is made from organic sweet brown rice and filtered water. Here is the package description:

Mochi is a traditional Japanese food made from a special short-grain sweet rice. We steam then pound the rice to accentuate its chewy texture and nutty flavor. Bake Mochi - amazing! - it puffs up, creating a chewy moist muffin with a crispy crust. Mochi is a satisfying whole-grain tream known for promoting stamina. 100% non-dairy and wheat-free.

Visit the company's website at
or this link for some recipe ideas:
There are some very interesting recipes, both savory and sweet on their website. I look forward to trying them some different ways!

I enjoyed mine with SB lite and jelly, and then wanted more so had sunbutter and jelly. Fresh from the oven they were warm and soft inside and crispy outside. Kind of reminded me of a popover? They are in the health market near where the refrigerated tortillas are. I got mine at N. 84th and Holdrege.

Yeah! I love finding new, safe pre-packaged foods. :-)

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